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Trade platform should ignore resouirces that equal the requested resource

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I haven't made this mistake yet, but...

Currently, a trade platform will happily let you trade 2 titanium for 1 titanium, or any other similar trades.  This could happen by accident if -- upon the platform's return -- a player inadvertently activates it without changing its loadout (since it will still be requesting the resource  you previously requested and thus now have on the platform).

This could be averted by ignoring those resources, such that:

  • If you're requesting X, and all that's on the trade platform is X: don't allow the platform to be launched.
  • If you're requesting X, and the trade platform has a mix of X, Y and Z, either ignore X for purposes of determining trade value (A) and return the original resource, or make its effective trade value 1:1 (B).  (Same effect, only difference is messaging)
    e.g. requesting resin with 2 resin, 1 coal:
    • Option A: Show as returning 4 resin (1 coal = 4 resin).  Additionally, return the original 2 resin.  (I've seen "extra" materials returned before.)
    • Option B: Show as returning 6 resin (2 resin = 2 resin + 1 coal = 4 resin).

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