Why there should be PvP and more to Astroneer

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Main Idea 1: PvP

PvP combat is something I thought this game could use. If you look at the trello page, they'll eventually add server multiplayer support. I thought having weapons and such would be a fun add-on, but don't add any health bars, I like it this way.

Weapon Smith:

Have a weapon creator so that you don't just use 1 item in your inventory.


There should be more uses for titanium than just tanks, so use it for swords. Add  1 titanium and 1 compound in the weaponsmith to make a sword. How you implement it to wield the sword is up to you.


I don't think regular guns would fit this world, but laser guns most likely would. You could have multi-part guns that start out with a pistol, but you could add parts such as a scope, larger battery, silencer, etc. You would make this out of a battery, titanium, and compound.


Enter a vehicle that doesn't have any uses yet, but you can add a small drill, gun, or sword. Pretty much anything you desire. It could be bi-pedal or have wheels. It would be customizable in most ways.


If you've read anything in this then you'll guess what I'm going to say. A modular turret that needs power to shoot. You can place it anywhere and it tracks any players or monsters which is another idea that I will explain later.

Main Idea 2: Buildings and Such


There should be ways to create your own building which is created with a room-maker or whatever you want to call it. You would start out with creating a platform, then on that platform, you add floors and more floors which are all made with compound or titanium, if you want more resilient or less resilient building materials. The floors would snap together and create a... floor. You would also have to create pillars before you add walls. Stairs would also be an add-on but customized by making every single step. That is my thought on building, rather than piling a bunch of dirt on top of dirt. Which brings me to my next idea.

Multi-material Stacking:

Instead of just shooting dirt, you could change the color of the material.

Space Stations:

This is a topic that I've been building up on. I think it would be very fun to make it so that you can build a space station that would be as customizable as a building.

Miscellaneous Ideas


My friend has been bothering me about needing to fight monsters in the game. He said that it would make the game more interesting. Having aliens or other ways to die than spiky plants or fall damage. I also think it would be very fun to have aliens or whatever that drop items or fart rainbows, basically do anything.

VR Support:

Using either the Vive or Oculus make it so that you can have full room support or just sitting at your computer. Really, I don't care how you do it.


I think that you need to sleep after 16 in-game hours, and if you don't, you start hallucinating or something. You need to sleep in a habitat for 30 seconds so it isn't boring to regenerate your sleep meter.

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I have to agree with no pvp content. Think about how you feel when you play the game in its current state...it's relaxing and that's just not something you see in every multiplayer game. I'd much rather prefer another form of competitive system (such as the community driven market) which could take the place of PVP content.

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Yeah ,one of the best thing of the game is  that you can relax and calm down while you play it.You dont have to stress you or anything.
Just a relaxing and fun game

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If you'd like to be able to fight monsters and other players in a sci-fi setting, you have hundreds of other games to choose from. I'm really happy they are not planning to go that route with Astroneer.

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If they introduce these 'PvP ideas'  I would march down to the HQ and demand a refund. 


I already have too much fun PvPing with dynamite. 

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1: No PVP. Please no. Never. Ever. Why does everyone need PVP in every game ever? In my personal opinion please no PVP and no MMO. And especially no MMO with PVP...all you get from that are trolls. Just a few friends playing together is perfect. I like the current multi player system.

2: I like the building idea. I would personally like to see the build system be similar to the one in Subnautica for buildings. It is already very similar to what Astroneer already does.
Secondly, the building system should add more automation after unlocking more research. Kinda like Factorio.

3: Sleep would be an interesting mechanic.  I don't know how I feel about it. But something to think about.

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Hey Artorius, I dont think automation would be that good,kinda depents what kind you mean.

But the Sleep mechanic would be unnessassery.In other survival games or any kind of game it isnt nessasery to sleep,or maybe just to save the game.

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43 minutes ago, C00lBizzY said:

Hey Artorius, I dont think automation would be that good,kinda depents what kind you mean.

But the Sleep mechanic would be unnessassery.In other survival games or any kind of game it isnt nessasery to sleep,or maybe just to save the game.

I understand your point, I wouldn't want automation to take over the game. It would change too much. Just having a transport system and some automatic machines (like smelters that keep smelting until an attached supply is depleted or things like that.) Would make building up more organized since you are just one guy trying to establish a foothold in these new worlds.

That said, I also understand that while we (our character) are exploring new worlds, we are explorers first and settlers second. Too much automation leads to building cities that serve no purpose except to mine planets of every piece of useful resource and leave a husk of a planet with a spiderweb of manmade structures sprawled over it like a life sucking spider. Now on planets that have no life, this doesn't have any moral negatives as draining a rock of its resources harms nothing. But on worlds where life exists (when they add fauna) there might be some repercussions for depleting it of needed resources. Then again, it could be that some resources are harmful and removing them makes life better for the local fauna. Thus the idea of being lightly loaded and leaving a small footprint; building a base only big enough to bring you to the next mission, planet, job...whatever, does fit more with the game. Unless they have multiple play styles and multiple narratives to follow. Having too much automation or relying too much on the player running around and gathering everything is a balance that will take time to find.

Automation should be limited to machines that don't require your intervention for a short while. Like mining machines that drill and collect random stuff once in a while. You walk by, grab the hand-full of items it has collected and go on with your day. For example, the trade platform is pretty automated. You load it, send it and forget about it. The generators are not automated. They run in the on position until you manually remove the fuel supply. They also cannot refill themselves. Having a hopper(storage panel with say, places for up to 12 pieces of coal) and having it turn off automatically when not needed. (sun comes up and solar takes over or wind picks up and takes over or the machines needing power all stop running) would be pretty nifty.

I hope I didn't drone on too long. ...I tend to do that.


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