Challenge! No Tethers!

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No Tethers Challenge

Build a rover or truck without using any tethers.  

You get 1 point for each death. Lowest points wins.

Last night I did it with 0 deaths. :)



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It's easy. It just means that you have to stick closer to your home, and make more trips back and forth that you normally wouldn't make.

It's also an easy challenge to beat when you find a couple Titaniums and can make oxygen canisters to extend your running range.

Personally, I didn't find it any more fun, as it didn't really stop me from progressing - it just added tedium in the form of time as it made me run back and forth.

Without the extended oxygen tanks, I just drilled down very close to my base (as caverns are everywhere), and quickly got what I needed anyway.

A rover truck is basically SMELTER (2 compound?), VEHICLE BAY (4 ALuminum), then either 4 compound+ for rover, additional 4 ALuminum for truck.

Other than getting the Resin to build your base, once you know what you need ahead of time, very easy to get to the truck (Actually easier to build the shuttle and leave).

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