World seam splits after patch?

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My son and I both experienced seam splits in the game after loading up from a save after the patch on 12/16 for stability.  Our worlds had "rebuilt" with new things in them that were not there when we saved and quit.  Also we had visible splits in the seams where we could see through the world.


Some of this can be seen in LlamaBeans Let's Play Episode 3.

In my world it seemed much worse.  I could dig in open air where I knew a wall was before and I would dig into nothing but still making a hole.


Not 100% sure this was because of the update but that was really the only thing new that happened between both play sessions.



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hi. Same here on Xbox. My old save  has new items around my base and many "holes" in the world where you an see through. I tried to fix but found so many that I gave up and started a new game (save was prior patch). But it seems if you start a new game and load it the same happens with the first Xbox patch. :/

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