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Unusual high GPU usage NVIDIA GTX 660 TI

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HI, everyone!
I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot this:

Not my CPU but my GPU is having a hard time with the game and I know this is weird because it has no textures whatsoever, no fancy ambient occlusion or detailed models that could make gaming GPUs sweat bullets like this; meanwhile my CPU seems to be chilling at just 55ºC.

If I play in full-screen afterburner tells me I reach temperatures over 80ºC (97ºC is my GPUs limit) and it has already happened twice that my screen simply turns blueish-violet (not a bluescreen).
I still can hear the game, but I'm practically blind and I'm forced to manually cut the energy from my rig, as it seems it does not even register keystrokes anymore.
I'm suspecting the GPU overheats and shuts down - even though I can run Skyrim with high res textures, ENB and all that jazz without trouble. (It has good ventilation too)
The only way I can enjoy the game is going windowed and then making the window a bit smaller, and even then the temperatures creep slowly and steadily towards the 80ª.

I tried the nvidia control panel. The game was not even listed for the GPU to apply all the fancy graphics options to the game so I tried setting it on the list but turned off all the options or set them at minimum - no difference. I even turned off the global setting to use the CUDA.

So something in the game seems to be demanding hell out of my GPU.

I'll attach some screenshots with my specs and the temperatures before and after playing a few minutes windowed.





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I don't know if anyone even read this but I guess some documentation doesn't hurt.

Since patch 119 I noticed the cpu being a little bit more active and my gpu remains at ~66ºC for most of the time in windowed mode. Didn't try full-screen though.
There was a crash eventually. Window goes whatever color was last most seen on screen and the audio starts stuttering, so again i'm forced to cut the power because input seems to have no effect.

The other crashes registered an error related to nvidia driver failing (most likely due to overheating) but this crash logged nothing and the gpu was not too hot, as mentioned before.

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Is there a specific save file that makes this happen?

Have you tried making a complete fresh start and noticed any differences between the saves?

Could there be some glitches in your base or nature biome that causes this. Lets say you travel to the moon, will the problem still exist?

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