(Depth) progression control and tethers


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A way to control player progression is to have them unlock (research) and build equipment that enables them to explore deeper regions of planets.

  • Tethers could require a "signal-booster" or "stabilizer" when deep underground, let's say one after 250 and a second one after 500 meters of depth, and so on.
  • These "boosters" are essentially  gateways between tiers of difficulty for the devs to place rarer resources and more dangerous terrain generation and fauna.
  • If possible this should give big generators a proper use, forcing players to establish underground bases and not relying on the infinite regenerating energy of the surface.
  • The boosters require research and a considerable amount of rare resources - both found always one tier above of the one they are "unlocking"

If generators are what keeps you alive (with energy and oxygen) past a certain depth, it would make for some awesome tense moments when you are deep in a cave and suddenly your tethers go dark - and you know you messed up because you did not plan ahead and did neither put enough fuel in the generator nor bring that finally-useful-oxygen-tank with you and you have to rely on finally-useful oxygen and energy deposits  in the walls, on your way back.

For this to work:

  • The fuel condenser should work like smelter to create fuel from hydrazine crystals or a reasonable amount of oragnic stacks - no more resources from thin air, please!
  • The energetic value of coal should be drastically increased and fuel canisters should also be able to power generators at reasonable energetic values.

tl;dr: infinite oxygen and energy trough tethers everywhere is op , please nerf!

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