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theter, winch, truk

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So first sorry for my bad english im swiss so i am not the best writer...

So first i split it up in two groups single/multiplayer



- When im Playing singleplayer and it sometimes happens to me that my theter conections get black and i cant get Oxygen i Need then to replace every theter on my way to the base to get Oxygen.

- Sometimes i glitch into a wall and can see caves but i think that is a known Problem.(You can avoid death by Watching upwards and jumping at the same time.

-the winch is flying in the air and got several conections


-When my friend joined me the first time we couldent use the printer.(After reastarting it was working but..

-we had an extra habitat in my base where you cant make conections and you cant sit in.

-when he is driving a care he gets random shot out and the car stucks in midair

-the car connector ar broke so you can connect it to anything you want and it will hold and just get longer and longer

-if i print a seat and put it on a car, and my friend starts driving i can remove the seat and ake it with me. he can still controll th car and he is on the seat Floating in mid air


attached is a photo of the flying car.

Feel free if you want more details





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