Frames per second drops quickly while mulity-player cooperating.

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My laptop is MSI GS60 with i7-6700HQ,16GRAM and NIVIDA GTX 970M graphic card with 3G memory ,keyboard is Logitech G910 and mouse is G502.When I play single,the usual FPS is around 60,when playing with another one, the figure drops to around 55,when I play with another 3,FPS drops to 20.

I can understand that dealing with multi player requires more than single player, but I cant play well at 10fps and that really affect my feeling,the lag is especially obvious when get into a vehicle or saving the profile,which is very hard to tolerate from my point, and to be honest, I am wondering if my lap is out of date so that it   can not catch the trend anymore?

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it feels like the more terraforming I do, the more the game reacts as if 20 ppl are begind me, and when I turn, they all need to run and shuffle to stay behind me. And the more I do the more ppl are behind me.

an idea would be erosion.

where a terraform I apply will get smoothed out, therefore requiring less calculations. anti-smoothe around a base with a radius ofcourse... but I really don't need my exact closed-hole to retain that speck I missed.

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