I've died 3 times by glitching through the "walls"

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I've got a total of 6 hours on the game, and this has already happened 3 times!

I go to dig a ramp, so that I (or more recently, my truck) can get out of a hole... and what do you think happens? While attempting to form the floors and walls around me, I somehow slip through them and wind up in a cave, far enough down that I instantly die on impact!

I've never been able to recover the items, and I suspect it's primarily caused by the horrifically low frame-rate my game is forced to play with (seems like about 10-20 a second, most of the time, and nearly 5 when there's a storm)

PS here's a snapshot of the most recent glitch I had, while trying to get my truck out of a Hydrazine pit, where I apparently went so far down that I thought I was entering the center of the planet (and then I "bounced" back up and landed in one of the caves I passed on the way, dead)


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I play on the x boxone. Yeah glitching through surface is trippy. I can provoke the glitch into happening it by digging a hole and then filling it up again with the astronaut inside it.

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