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In the latest build (0.2117.0) You cannot select the Tether (T on a PC) hot key while pressing the Move (W), sprint (shift-W) or babystep (Crtl-W) hot keys, before you could.

Example: You're walking/sprinting and placing tethers while moving, before this build you could continue moving uninterruped, hit the hot key, continue moving and set down a tether. This aids in quick movement and laying down a line of tethers unimpeded. Now you have to stop moving altogether, select T and then continue moving. If you hit T while moving, it plays a "flat" sound, indicating you've done something wrong.

Why it matters: Being able to place a tether while continuing to move is an efficiency issue and significantly slows down gameplay if you have to stop to select it. Besides using a keyboard, like many people, I use a multi-button programmable mouse. Whether on the keyboard or mouse button the Tether hot key no longer works unless you deselect the move hot key, stopping Astroneer. Although there are times when it's appropriate for one hot key to prevent/interrupt another, this isn't one of them.

Request: Please change it back so that the Tether hot key can be selected while Move hot keys (incl. combinations) are depressed.

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