Lag, Disappearing Items, and lost data!!!!


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Played on my laptop for a good while. Took a break and decided to play on my Xbox. Upon launching game the sync data decides to glitch. Lost a bunch of hours of play time. The interface was lagging. Finally go to the planet and to my base and that's when I noticed the severe lag. The camera shakes when trying to pan around. I built a cave for my extra items, resources, etc. went to get some and they were all gone. Reloaded the game and my items were still gone, but this time there wasn't a floor in the cave and I fell to my death. But upon revival the floor reappeared and there was a research item, but my resources were still gone. It took me hours to get that many saved up, now they are all gone. It's been a great game, but the lag and missing items/items appearing elsewhere from there original spot is making the game hard to play. Hard enough when the camera is shaking and it likes to lag, glitch, jump forward, etc. please fix.

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