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I have no idea if this has been suggested before or not, but I was wondering whether or not why something like organ material can't be used to make something like rope? So that when there's a sharp cliff, and you can't handle the deformer tool reliably enough to make a climbable slope, we can use the rope to climb up... and perhaps it'd be kinda like the tether, where you get a stack of, say, 15, that can reach about where you can deform...

or you can put in something like a ladder, or both

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that would be nice.  i climbed two mountains today by using tethers and cutting a narrow ledge in a criss-cross fashion.  rope would have been nice.


i liked climbing, and the view, so much that i went back to the second mountain, smoothed the top like a parking lot, and dropped a Hab in the middle.


tomorrow i am moving to the mountains......

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