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Now when you start the Game you got 4 Different Models for the Player. good to see who is Who in Multiplayer...

but how about:

1. Making People able to Choose the Same Character, but with Different Colors... kinda like in Smash Bros. (Or Custom Skins/Color Shemes).

2. Making the Different Character Models actually do something, and making them an Unlockable Thing.

for example, a Character that has Twice the Inv. Space but is Half as Fast as the Default one. Or a Character that has a Small Jetpack for the Cost of some Oxygen, or a Character that Starts with a Random amount of Inv. Space, Energy Storage and Oxygen (Basically Eden from Binding of Isaac xD), or a Character that got twice the Energy Regen rate, but only half Energy Storage.

They could be Unlockable by doing Tasks, like "Have 10 T-Storage Units on one Base", "Visit All Planets (and Moons) without Refueling once". Or by Making them Rarly Findable in Crashed Spaceships.

the Posibilities are Seemingly Endless. and you can Show off your Sick-Ass Characters that you Unlocked, when you Play with Friends.



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Since this Forum is leaking a Signature Feature, i gotta do this. Threats get Lost very Easily. Here is a Link to my Other Suggestion:

Planet Mapping

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