Reproduce: 1. Build Spaceship
2. Build 2 storage units on same spaceship (the storage unit that is not detachable)
3. Build cockpit on same spaceship
4. Cockpit will twitch and within a minute fall off since its built "inside" the existing storage unit.
5. It should now be possible to pick up the cockpit and attach it where needed, even on storage unit of earlier mentioned spaceship.
This can be used as a way to gain more room for storage, but could lead to gamebreaking bugs. Notes: 
PC, Steam, mouse&keyboard, playing online with 2 friends.
The attached picture is only to describe which seat i mean, its not the same spaceship.
Me as host could not pick up the seat, but my friends (clients) could.
Spaceship was working and could be flown after this bug was reproduced.
Occured on tuesday, 10 january