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Xbox or Steam/Win10? System cpu, ram, video card/vram?

My fps drops to about 30 after 3 hours, I use a 3570 i5, 16 ram, r9 280 4gb vram.

Using steam.


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12 minutes ago, ¡¡¡베디섬 겜팜 키없음 said:

If I play 4 hours in a world,

My fps goes down to about ~10

This is terrible to play,

It makes users possible to play the game well enough

Please optimize the game more !!

Because this game is wonderful

The developers are working on optimization and bug fixes, and hold them as very high priorities. Don't worry! It'll get better with time! Also if you're playing for four hours at a time, might want to stretch out and take a little break or something :)

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