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[Split] Various Suggestions

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1. Parking break for the truck to allow stable mining; 'Stabilizers: Requires 2 Aluminum, Press X to deploy!

2. Multiplayer servers similar to Terraria

3. An option in the menu to save

4. More customization to graphics controls; I had to search the internet to turn off Motion Blur, we're talking a +20 fps increase

5. Half stacks should have the ability to be combined.

6. Remove the "Place Resin on me" glow on unfinished platforms. I like to put storage racks on those to battle items falling through the world. 

7. Some control on the size of the hole we are creating. Yeah, big radius is great for collecting, but what about a smaller radius for base building? 

8. Some way to tell the time, or a device to tell the direction toward the nearest tether would be amazing (built using Compound of course).

9. Place-able signs would be great; "Don't go this way! Dead ends in six different stretches of Cave!"

10. Still undiscovered; Water! 

11. The Rover should be able to take more than just 1 unidentified object.


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