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Love the game, but it took me a really long time to feel comfortable with the controls on the xbox controller.  For me the controls weren't very intuitive and I found them to be my biggest source of frustration with the game early on.  I quickly got the sense that the game is designed for PC and was simply ported onto Console, which is fine especially since I can play it on windows 10. The cursor just feels very awkward with the controller, but I am not so sure that changing the way this works on the xbox is possible at the moment; however, a much more feasible development may be to implement a way to customize individual controls or at least have a couple of different control schemes to select from on xbox.

Thanks for listening.  Seriously, keep up the good work. It is an amazing game already and I am excited to see it progress.

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same here. 
startet with the 60 min test few Weeks ago and felt very "uncomfortable" with the controls. 
then saw a lets play yesterday from gronkh and had to buy the preview because the game looks verry amazing. what i already thought after the test, but the controls.... 

litteraly spent 60% of the time fighting with the controls. 

i hope the controls are not final. its not even the button setting but the way you look and the way you handle the different tools. 

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i think its not only the key mapping. 

you cannot use the curser the way you can on PC. 
this results in a totally uncoordinated view. (this is one of my main problems)

for me it would improve a lot if the camera would stick to the view and can be unlocked (the way it is now) by using LT or whatever.

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Personally, I'd love the option to alter the sprint control from 'clicking & holding left stick' to holding down 'B' (or other thumb-saving method); in 'Dark Souls' games, sprint is 'hold B' and I've about 500 hours across all games - after 29 hours in 'Astroneer,' am getting thumb cramps as the vehicles control poorly and I've resorted to legging it everywhere. The 'Deus Ex' games map sprint to LB, so not everyone can handle the 'Call of Duty' thumb-mangler method! 

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I'm on PC; Initially I tried controller once or twice, and immediately had to stop because it was so awkward. The other day I tried a new save with the controller to see if I could acclimate a little, and I still find it very uncomfortable.

Misc notes:

A couple people have mentioned toggle sprint. I find the stick button very unconformable to hold down.  "Kingdom" used triggers as hold to run which also worked pretty well.

On PC I have a keypad controller with a thumbstick; I mapped the stick button to tab (enter/exit) which has worked pretty well.

I find getting precision out of stick driven pointers very difficult. I think controllers  should have a more digital interface for the backpack and selecting other specific slots. That is, a tap of the stick moves one slot. Free drag can still be used to move between objects (backpack/platforms/world)

Quick pickup for nearby objects is pretty nice. I'd like to see this expanded for using platforms/backpack crafting. Say, bumpers for left/right, and a button to activate.

The "A" button feels like a pretty primary button, possibly even for "click". It is assigned to jump, which I almost never use.

I find it a lot easier to place tethers while moving on PC; using the D-pad pretty much requires taking my finger off the stick.

I like having camera pan by default (whereas PC requires the right mouse button) I find that I want inverted Y for camera, but not when there is a cursor, including the deform tool.

I'd like to try a more unified pan/cursor mode, but really can't say if it would work without trying it.

Zoom on the deform tool works pretty well, although I worry about losing track of oxygen.


It would take some experimentation, but a first draft mapping for me would be something like this.

  • left trigger: cursor mode/emote modifier
  • right trigger: sprint
  • bumpers: left/right buttons
  • d-pad up: raise terrain
  • d-pad right: flatten terrain
  • d-pad down: lower terrain
  • d-pad left: toggle deform tool (others will also activate)
  • left stick button: enter/exit
  • right stick button: zoom
  • A: pick up/place (click)
  • X: backpack
  • B: tether
  • Y: jump

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Honestly I think what would fix the xbox controls for me is if you are carrying something, like research materials, your cursor was locked to be in front of your character. You could still move it up and down, but moving it side to side turned your character and screen as well. Not just the item.

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On 2/3/2017 at 2:15 PM, derpsters44 said:

I think we all just want toggle sprint

That's on their roadmap, but my god yeah we need that... my thumb can't take it (and I've been playing FPS's for like ten years)

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