Fuel condenser won't charge off of base linked batteries

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I built a fuel condenser and it doesn't seem to charge off of the batteries linked from other pods I have to manually put a battery on it to charge it, but even that doesn't charge from other power sources linked to the base so I have to put it back to a linked pod to charge


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This has been reported. What seems to happen is that if you save or exit at some point after extending and building the small 1-resin pad and completing the final module (printer, condenser etc), the module will not draw power from the base.

It appears that if you have the total of three resin AND the materials for the final module ready and build it all in one go, it works as expected. The wiki will tell you what materials to stockpile for a complete module.

Until a fix is issued to us, you can get round the issue by building a rover and tethering the front of the rover between your faulty condenser and another powered module and power can then flow through the rover to the Condenser.

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