idea for PVP, Abandoned base/spaceship crashed, rare resources

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Hello everyone

There is ability to make some ideas that I think could improve gameplay.

1. Rare resources, planetary abandoned base / spaceship crashed

I believe that in the game you have to add a few resources that you can get on one of the planets of the system.
Just add a large planetary base / spaceship crashed with corridors, rooms and the main room, which is a rare technology,
the construction of which would require rare resources. For each of the rare resource should have its own planet in the system, where this resource can be mined.

  2. Cluster Resources / detector to search for resources clusters
Make the planet cluster resource containing in itself as simple resources and rare, peculiar to this planet, which will be located inside the planet closer to its center.
For their discovery of the planet need to build a detector that will indicate the direction associated to the accumulation of resources (Cluster Resources)

Make it so that the rare technology (found in databases or spaceships) and rare resources needed for its construction, were on different planets
for example on the planet (N) found technology (T) and the resource (R). For technology (T) required resource (T). For technology (R) resource is required (R).
I hope I made myself clear :)
This will give the player an additional incentive for research.

  3. A variety of planets, resources, and technologies.

The game should be a large number of technologies for construction and improvements to the suit.
Enter the game jetpack, double jump, gravity boots, the technology is "feather", is saved from falling, etc.
The player must be in constant search of new technologies.
Among the rare technology, I believe that should be the technology of "Aliens".
After collecting a certain number of foreign technology player will be able to provide themselves with energy and oxygen, constructing buildings only "Aliens" technology .

  4. Since this game looks like a game for children, offer to eliminate from the game weapons.
But it is not ruled out of the game PVP.
For example: After the player has made progress in its system, to allow the player to build a "Beacon".
"Beacon" marks the location of the player to plan the system. On this "beacon" can fly other players from other systems ....

  a) A player - friend. The possibility of peaceful transfer of technologies between the players. Ie the player flies to the other systems for exchange.

  b) The player - intruder. The ability to steal technology / resources.
  For example: Add the game technology, allowing to build a dome over its base. In order to maintain the dome it needs energy, such as geysers,
that usually are placed near from the base. Geysers and dome base should be connected by wires. For example for a dome requires 3 geyser. (If for example the large base of 5)
If the player - the offender wants to steal the player's technology from the base, it should fill all the geysers that feed Dome (!).
Thus, the player destroys the dome and can penetrate the base and steal technology / resource. In the case of technology - the offender shall bring it to your base, built on this planet and explore it.
Learning takes time (5 minutes). During this time, the player-owner of the technology should not give it to examine asleep sources base power.
The player-owner of the base must not give intruders fill all the geysers. The player-owner of the base report has to be able to banish off intruders.
  a) For this purpose a special structure to be built.
For example, if you arrived in the player, you get this message.
If you do not want to see in your system intruders, you can activate the structure,
and join the countdown, say 15 minutes, after which the player - the offender will go home.
  b) A player must host database to see where is the intruder database. He will be able to find it and start destroying intruder base (5 minutes). After that, the offender will go home.
Thus, the offender will have to build your base away from the player of the host database, but will have to nourish themselves with oxygen and energy. Or the player simply destroy intruder's base and banish it.
The idea is pretty crude, but I think it's better to play than the gun and shooting.
Perhaps weapons, lowering the amount of oxygen and power of the enemy is not a bad option.
  5. Multiple Galaxies.There will be other players arrive.

  6. PVP. Cars with cannon balls shooting and can damage cars.

  7. Monorail (expensive in construction, but quickly goes and sends oxygen + energy :)

  8. Perhaps the different construction styles.

  9. Disposable (without the possibility of an energy recharge) UAV research.

  10. Flying technique that can bring down to the ground.

Google translator.

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But really, the game looks for kids.
I see no reason to add to weapons, grenades, etc., in the classical sense. In games already full of fire.
But thus, enable players battle each other. And so it will not be shooting. This should be a confrontation.

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7 minutes ago, alkash-sv said:

But really, the game looks for kids.
I see no reason to add to weapons, grenades, etc., in the classical sense. In games already full of fire.
But thus, enable players battle each other. And so it will not be shooting. This should be a confrontation.

I agree with the no-weapon thing.

But for the game design it should be a coop where some friend meet to colonize a new terran and its solar sistem!

Earlied you said something about weapon, stealing and exchanging, but this means it'll become a MMO!

this game is meant to make us experience the golden age of the 25° century (if i remember well), so it's ok for multiplayer, but with all the player together, trying to colonize.

Maybe it will be awesome if people travel to another planet alone to mine rare resource, just to return later full of lithium for his comrades that stayed at home.

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Perhaps, then what I have mentioned above are some of the features of the MMO, in particular, this meeting with the other players.
These meetings do not always have to be friendly.

I believe that sooner or later, in any game, the player comes to the top of the game progress. And after that, the game difficult to keep the player.
In this game, I think this means that the player has visited all the planets of its system and found all of the technology and scarce resources.
But there must be other systems with other players, resources, technology, which you can visit and discover them for yourself.

To get there you can only after decide to build a "Beacon". Thus, you are ready to be sent to other systems and to meet other players at home. "Beacon" allows you to see your system to other players and do not forget where your house so you can come back.


Why not use the opportunity to terramorphing for defense and offense.

Of all the weapons from the astronauts do:
 * Weapons for discharging oxygen bag enemy.
 * Weapons to defuse enemy costume energy.

Arrange fights on the machines.
Perhaps if they implement the shooting, then cars and machines.

The machine can knock down the player cause any damage.
Thanks to terramorphing game is fast and easy to protect yourself from riding on the player's car, build a wall or a trampoline.

In my first post I introduced the idea about the dome over the base, which does not let intruders into the territory of the base, but require feeding by natural sources of energy.

Sorry for using Google translator, but you need to explain.

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I'll try to tell a process that I imagine, by the example of the player intruder

1. The player builds a "Beacon" in your system - now it is seen by others, and they see his base.
2. The player flies to the planet, which he sees in the galaxy, and planted it.

* He knows where to fly, and if he is a friend, the first thing he should build a "lighthouse". The player is given 60 seconds. "Lighthouse" is constructed easily. It means that:
* Player notes on your map and see for another player.
* He wants to trade, exchange of resources, etc.
* He is a friend
If a player violates the friendship, it gets a huge unacceptable penalty, up to the transfer of its technologies and the exile home.

3. Build a base around the capsule, on which he flew.
Enough 2-3 buildings (for building cars / helicopters / mechanical worm 0_o)
4. The player will have to ride in a cars / walk / stretching the wires to the enemy base (path points built enemy "Beacon")
5. The player sees a dome
and feeding the dome structure, which are located outside the perimeter of the base.
6. A player tries to cover the land supply structure. He can do this as using weapons suit and cars with established mechanisms.
* An additional complication for the player - no permanent source of energy.
7. Once the player cover everything all power structures, will go to the base area and ....
8. Go to capsule (starting base) and see a list of technologies / rare resource. Select one.
9. Next, its task to remain in the base within the circle around the capsule, such as 30 seconds. Standing outside the lap time is added. The less resource / technology, the more time. Protects against player-defender.
10.Attempts to load on a ship stolen technology or resource, waiting 30 seconds to boot it.
11. Flies to his home, the villain)

And what, then, has been a player, which rob =)

1. After receiving a signal about the invasion, waiting for the signal of friendship from the intruder. (intruder must build a "lighthouse", if he friend)
2. Not having received a signal starts the "expulsion of the protocol" :) which lasts 10 to 15 minutes. It depends on the structure of the improvement.
3. The player is preparing for an invasion, is building "defensive" structures:
* Suits all sorts of technology in his suit, to "fight to the enemy"
* Ability to redirect energy . (Construction / dome power / power towers/air/ground/ underground defense, etc.)
 * Build a tower (!) To shoot at cars and flying machines.
 * Build a "generator of the subterranean noise" (do not let the offending player when he moved to the mechanical worm, underground)
 * Builds radar. It will see the player - intruder from space. Its main goal is to show which side moves the offender.
 * Do something else...
** Almost all of the "defense" of the structure - time and are destroyed within an hour after the fight.
4. Waiting :)
5. The player sees the intruder..
 * An experienced player should be able to immediately assess where best to distribute energy. Buildings / "Dome" / suit (attack from the air / ground / underground)
6. The player is  trying to uncover their "supply structure" for "dome":
 * Are clearing their "supply structure" on the mound.
 * Trying to ward off the intruder:
      * Using the suit abilities
      * Discharging the battery suit / wheelbarrow offender
      * Breaking the chain offending wires. The offender can not stretch the wire close to the base of the enemy. Player - the defender has the advantage of oxygen and energy, as the next base.
7. Constantly prevents an attacker :)
8. Should the offender not to grab technology. Kick him out of the circle:
 * Redistribute the energy to work protection structures, possible building - the "kick")
 * Use pushing and kicking abilities suit :)
 * And in all this hectic, trying to further fuel the "expulsion of the protocol" -building, to reduce the time of exile.
 9.O Nooo, the offender stole technology !!!! Need to do something!!!
10. The pursuit of the offender! On a cars, a helicopter and more than that. Shootout in cars.
 Having caught up with the offender around its base is not trying to give him the stolen load the capsule .. kicked out of the circle.
  * Kicking offender
  * Use a machine to knock down the intruder.
  * Perhaps suit technology "blackout". Energy absorption of all around.
In a large recharging capacity. One of the few technologies to suit.
It is important to a variety of technologies and players to choose the style of play, depending on the set.
** At this point, the timer "exile Protocol" should almost come to an end.
  The possibility to play for time - the same tactic.*** A player can always run the "expulsion of the protocol" on the capsule of the offender, just going up to him and selecting it. Waiting time start - 1-2 minutes. The offender can not turn off the timer. (The player may not do this immediately, because they do not see the offender base. Or, if the offender has landed near the base of the defense.

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I understand that you find it hard to read, as this translator.
But it's too big tex for me, for my knowledge of English.
I hope you can read it! I believe in you! =)

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