Three Simple[?] general gameplay ideas


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So I've played and watched quite a bit of Astroneer, and from everything that I've seen I think I have three ideas for relatively simple improvements for general gameplay. I'm only guessing at these being simple as I don't know the code structure of the game.

Adjustable Terrain Tool Aperture

The Terrain Tool is a core aspect of gameplay, and while it works just fine in its present format I can't help but feel that the ability to adjust the size of your affected area could dramatically improve the game. While eventually being able to adjust the size of the aperture at will would be the goal, just a "small" and "large" version accessible by a button click (or perhaps using the mouse wheel to adjust the aperture instead of camera zoom while the tool is out) would give the player more control over their world. If there are concerns of "balance", the size of the aperture could affect power drain, with the larger aperture requiring more power.

Decouple Camera from Movement

For Keyboard and Mouse users especially, an option to allow movement independent of the camera (at least in vehicles) would make navigation of the game's worlds a bit smoother. Being able to look around while maintaining a constant bearing with the vehicle would make scouting or exploration of a new world a bit more user friendly.

More Uses for Resin

I have spawned on several worlds where my immediate base area was surrounded with Resin deposits, or even a Resin vein, but have often found myself somewhat devoid of readily available Compound. On my central world in my first game file, I've explored the entire surface of the planet and totaled 12 Resin veins but only 8 for Compound. I find it odd that the only thing Resin is used for, despite its apparent frequency greater than Compound, is building base nodes. Maybe some of the structures should also require Resin, such as Solar or Storage? The Backpack crafting is also heavily in favor of Compound, and I feel it really is just a bit unbalanced.

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