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A new printer "mode"

The Idea:

Currently if you have a printer on your platform, the printer always has a printable, for example a silo, selected and is going take the resources from the platform. My idea and/or suggestion is to add an idle mode, where he does not draw resources.


How could it be done?

There are mainly to ways, thirst of all there could be a button to interact with the printer that switches it from Build to idle and back. In idle it would not be able to print or draw resources.

The in my opinion best way would be to add an empty space in between the buildable. Through this the player can navigate through the blueprints to the empty one, where it would not draw any resources.


But why?

I like to have many printers in case I have to make lots of things simultaneously, but i also store alloys on the printer platforms for quick and easy acces, but the printers always take some and mess with my sorting. This is pretty annoying for me and with an idle mode the printers would not take my resources. This is always a bit annoying to me and I am sure, that that is not only annoying to me.

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On 12/17/2016 at 11:54 AM, SwagDaddy said:

-light poles that use energy
-base building by using cranes
-harvesters that use alot of energy
-can fix up found scraps, and use heavy machinery to move them and can connect then to base and expand
-portals that use alot of energy (can teleport players between  planets)
-enemies that come to distroy builds but can be repelled with turrets, traps, ect.
-cabbles that can be pulled over long distances
-tessaracts that can trasport energy over large distance, (like planet to planet distance,works like a portal but with energy)
-machines that can dig huge holes straight  down that use alot of energy
-elevator machanism to go down the hole or levitators
-machine that removes pebles and rocks from the ground
-liquids, like water, oil wells, lava, poisonous ponds, ect.
-then a way to extract those liquids like a pump and store them in tanks and extract from the tank with liquid cables
-and use the liquids to build new machines and upgrade  for those machines(like jet packs uses gasoline and then you can upgrade  the oil to a new fuel, which can make the jetpack to last longer)
-random bases that can be discovered and searched  for resources, and the base is all trapped


I like your ideas, however there are a few things to note;

 - The Gateways are an easy and already existing alternative to Portals (might be tedious getting to them if your base is far)

 - Liquids would be extremely difficult and very resource consuming to make because of how they work in code, basically not worth it.

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Please look into creating an option to increase the size of the items onscreen (larger backpack, text for the wiki pages can be larger, etc)

It is very difficult to play the game on my Xbox console because of the size of the GUI. 


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