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Improve Engines for Truck or/and Rover

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So first of all the engine of the truck isn't bad but if i play alone and i got a problem with having enough space on my truck, when doing a trip on the planet. Prepared for a longer trip i decided to do like in the first picture, a pretty long vehicle. Which is not fun to play anymore because it is absolutely slow and with that there are also some crashes like in the second picture.



To improve this issue i would suggest to

1. Check the overall length of the vehicle and then allow the vehicle to drive faster

2. To drive faster but more power is drained, so maybe and extra button for more speed or for console player a double button press to get to full speed immediately


Hope that this idea chould help to improve the gameplay

Keep going to improve this amazing game



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Or just make all the wheel derivable but this may cause weird driving behavior.  Maybe give the rear wheels 80% power and don't allow them to turn.  Or make a trailer specific cart that is a lot lighter

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