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Pretty much I made this post with the entire idea of "Jetpack"

Now that I am actually writing this, I have gotten a few more ideas.

The backpack is amazing as it already is and it doesn't need much improving except for an upgrade slot. There would be a machine called an upgrade machine and it would make like speed upgrades for vehicles or jetpack upgrades for the backpack. Of course the jetpack would just use power so it wouldn't be broken. There should be a strength upgrade to the Astroneer that allows him to jump while holding large items like research capsules. The vehicles should also have battery upgrades where you use lithium. (A little bit like the actual battery in game except it doesn't take up any slots). There are so many cool an interesting upgrades things could have. You could add a "Automatic trail" upgrade so when you make rover caravans you aren't constantly annoyed by the fact that it just sits there and you have to get in moving before it works. The shuttle and spaceship should also have some upgrades like an upgrade that increases its fuel capacity or an upgrade that is like a chest on a rocket so you can take stuff with you. Just ideas. Please Consider!

So just a recap on upgrade ideas:

Strength Upgrade


Specifically Rocket:
Storage Upgrades


If anyone has ideas to add to these lists then please comment down below and I will add them to the list!

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