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Hi all, first time on the forums and i have an idea.
I don't know you but i love a good underlying narative in games, books and many other situations. And my favourite is aliens, who doesn't wana discover the ancient fossils of a long gone civilisation. Heck they don't even have to be advanced, just random civilisations in various stages of development with a bit of lore (FTW lore).
Maybe your starter Sol system (not nessaserily starting planet) has a absolutely wrecked city (in the side of a mountain maybe?) and you can explore the few buildings (which are massive in size) and in a couple of rooms you can find semi functioning computers or artifacts (both rare so you may have to find multiple building sticking out the ground) which you can shove in the researcher or scan with some rover mounted scanner to gain clues (more than one scan of one item to found a lost tech) for alien tech (not linearly so that your first few wont just give pieces to the same tech). Maybe some tech will be a Surface miner, or automated machinery (Ore to , or hover tech (so no more bumping and flying cause of a damned rock) or maybe even instellar flight (powered by a mix of rare elements at planetary centre?)! or what about a pod to create a space station as a launching point for inter/intra stellar flight.

Maybe their fossils will give clues to more efficient rebreather tech (seeing as they lived on the planet your on so could probably breath) so you can upgrade your backpack, or expand your starter pod so friends can get in their too, and it produces more power due to the size (but i guess that would require a change to how you grow your bases now).

And now cause im getting carried away, tech to create life (or just have life) on the planets. Animals would give some life to these mostly dead planets, and maybe progress so you can bring back the dead alien civ and make them work for you so you can grab a tastey profit and work away from base... like explore other sol systems.
Maybe Teleportation to other bases.

But yes i know all of this would be one hell of a thing to add, it would drastically change the game from its current stand point but i think by the looks of the game it could be done it a wonderfully engaing way that not only adds to the future game but adds something not quite related to the progression of the game and is there for something to do when your bored of what your supposed to be doing.

Thats the jist of ideas 1 through to some much higher number. Thanks for your patience in reading this. Please give feed back maybe we can find a way for this to be added by MOD or by choice of the Dev's.

GeneralDLBP - XBOX1 GT so hit me up if you wana play.

BTW - Great game Dev's can't wait to see your ideas for the future.


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