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In prospect of wealth / for the chance of striking it rich

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I don't know what the developers might have planed for the endgame, but the description of astroneer says: " for the chance of striking it rich."

So if not already fixed an idea could be to implemtent a module, similar like trading platform, where ressources can be sent to the "Headquarter" (?) and transferred into Astro-Credits. Quit similar to the trading platform where you can trade Fuel for Titan or resin for Aluminium, etc.

At the end there might be a world-wide chart with how many Astro-Credits everybody has collected. This chart can have limitations (timewise, etc.). I don't really care about this to be honest, as my time for playing cames is only a few hours per week if I'm lucky, but I can imagine others might be interested to have way of competing and comparing with each other.

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