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There are multiple winch tethers (only visual)

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I tried to move a large satellite with the winch. I had the winch on the back attachment of my truck. as the satellite got closer, the hologram of the connection between the satellite and the back of my truck made the winch fall off (which happens with holograms at the base as well). The winch tether was still attached to the satellite. I put the winch back, on a storage rack this time, and tried to pull (it still looked as if it was connected) and the satellite didn't move. I realized that it was only connected visually and reconnected it. The old visual connection remained with the new connection. I was able to avoid the hologram and got it back to base. After this, I disconnected and started driving again. This is what I saw. The tethers are all going in the direction of where they were first attached to the satellite. After what is seen in the first picture, I returned to base and there was another visual tether going into the original habitat which I had never connected it to.

Multiple winch tethers.png

ASTRONEER (Game Preview).png

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