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Looked up for once and discovered odd behaviour of the planets orbiting the one I'm on.

For starters I have planets orbiting in different directions, both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Ok, it's a game so I can accept that.

The most odd behaviour is planets that rise, get to a certain height in the sky (say 12 o'clock overhead) and then start to move backwards in the direction they first rose.

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I also find the orbits a bit unusual. How can a planet be the closet one to you at one point then be the furthest object from you at another? I am tired of jumping to one planet because it is in closer proximity to the planet I want only to get there and have the planet I wanted to go to now be on the other side of the planets. Very annoying. I like the idea of planet jumping to get to further planets but they have to have a standard orbit otherwise you wind up running out of fuel trying to predict these crazy patterns.

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This so called "odd" behaviour is the normal physically correct behaviour of different planets around one central star with different orbits and speeds.
A spectator beeing not in the center but on one of the planets can observe this so called  "Retrograde Motion". The planet doesnt change direction in real, it just looks like.
Here the wikipedia for it:
And here an explanation as video:


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