Advanced Space Mechanics: Freeflight, Jetpacks, Space Stations

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At the moment, Spaceflight isn't very difficult. All you need to do is to click on the right Planet.

How about we make this a bit more interesting?

My Idea would be that Shuttles and Spaceships would have to be controlled in Freeflight by using Shift/Control to throttle up/down the main engine, and W/S A/D Q/E for Pitch, Yaw, and Roll. The Planets and the Sun all have Gravity. Basically Kerbal physics.

When clicking the "take off" button instead of directly autopiloting you to orbit, it would display a dotted line representing the ideal path to orbit. Pressing the button again while in orbit would open the zoomed-out all-planet view, but clicking a planet just displays a dotted line with the ideal path to that planet. Instead of a maximum range, going to planets further away just takes more fuel.

This obviously makes controlling a spacecraft a lot more challenging. But for easier use, the following Items should be available:

-Spacecraft stabilizer: Created in Printer using 2 Copper. can be attached to both Shuttles and Spaceships at the side of them. When installed, it can be used by pressing "R" to stabilize the spacecraft. (Stop it from spinning.)

-Spaceship Autopilot: Takes 2 Astronium. Can be placed on the side of Spaceships. Can stabilize using "R" and clicking on a dotted path line makes the Autopilot fly to that destination.

-Jetpack. Takes 1 Astronium to make. Can be equipped in the backpack. Hydrazine can be put into it like Organic in a small Generator. Provides a small Jetpack controlled with the same controls as Spacecraft. If equipped while in Space, it's possible to leave a Spacecraft mid-flight and do Spacewalks using it. Opportunity of Jetpacking to Space without Spaceship on planets with small gravity.

Now, because there isn't much to do in the game at the moment, a feature that is often requested is base building with walls, roofs, and floors. But guess what's even cooler than building a house on a planet? Building it in Space!

The "Space habitat" would be a habitat which can be deployed in Space by flying to the desired orbit, leaving the Spacecraft with the Jetpack and activating the Habitat. It has a Docking port where Spacecraft can be attached (just like Vehicles can be attached to each other to form trains). From the habitat a space station can be built using Astronium and Titanium instead of Resin and Compound. All base parts have Space versions, and the main part instead of the small base pod is the short connector, which allows to build from it in 5 Directions (all except the one it was build from). Space Stations would provide a Tether connection which also supplies Hydrazine in addition to power and Oxygen. The Thruster which is currently not very useful could be used to push the Space Station to a different orbit, or to build a gigantic space mothership. Looking forward to people building the ISS in Astroneer!

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More details on Space Stations: The Space habitat looks like a normal one but instead of a round baseplate it has a cube with 5 free faces. Each of them can either be extended using Titanium, which adds another cube with 5 free faces at the end of a bar extending from the old cube, or it can get a 2-S connection by placing resin, which creates a round plate with a 2-S slot which can be extended into a building base plate with another 2 resin, where buildings can be built on. Buildings look slightly different, for example, the fuel condenser has a different tank because no gravity = liquids don't flow down and the space vehicle bay can only make spaceships and shuttles. Each free cube face can also serve as connection port for Spacecraft. Also, there should be a new building, the huge solar panel which takes 4 Astronium and looks like one of the crashed ones but it got solar panels on both sides so it's symmetrical, it isn't broken and it automatically turns towards the sun. Another exclusive building could be the Scanner, which would scan the planet below and highlight interesting things, for example it could be set to show a white beam over every bit of compound to make it easier to get a lot of it. Another building exclusive to Space Stations would be the Fuel Tank, a huge tank able to hold 50 canisters of hydrazine (in combination with automation update: Fuel Condensers can fill it up, Spaceships can refuel with it just by connecting). Thrusters (made with Astronium) could be attached to the Space Station, which would allow it to be controlled from the habitat as a spaceship, which would allow to move an entire base from one planet to the other. Maybe also Warp Drive using Astronium as Fuel to travel to another solar system? Another optional Station-only building could be the superlaser, requiring massive amounts of power (maybe from astronium-powered nuclear reactor?) to cause explosions on the surface of a planet, requires a beacon at the target location and would be useful for digging deep holes or to get rid of one of these radiated Sarlac pits (or a base from the enemy team, if team v team becomes a thing).

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3 minutes ago, Sad Brother said:

Kerbal physics here? You are joking.

Kerbal physics is simple aerodynamics and the equipment based on Nasa's ideas.

As Adam were saying in the fridays' stream; they are watching several brands and companies and trying to merge what they want together with what might already exist in another games without crossing legal borders. (That's the impression I got anyway.)

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I know Kerbal. It is simplified version of real physics. And a ton of jokes. Some jokes are nasa based.

But with so simplified game real life physics would be overkill. Astroneer game make great effort for players to play easy. Not like Kerbal definitely. (And I'm not about Kerbal itself)

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