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I think the spaceship should be bigger, and have its own storage block (the vehicle storage block looks clunky and weird on the spaceship), and by bigger, i mean 2 levels of equal size (refer to image). the top level is for seats, and the lower level for the unique storage modules that have areas with double-connectors for items, and hatches that close when flying, protecting stored goods. these unique storage modules would be the only kind able to be put on the spaceship, and the lander would only be able to have seats on it (so its just a lander and not a transport ship). the spaceship would also have bigger thrusters to go with the extra size. This better spaceship could replace the old one, or be a new one entirely, maybe requiring 4 titanium or 6-8 aluminium, if the vehicle bay has more slots on it (not including the double ones on each side of the platform).

better spaceship.png

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I Like The Idea And I Dislike It.

The Reason I like It : It Would make It Easier To Transfer Stuff , Your Admirable Drawing Of It , It Would Look Cooler.

The Reason I Dislike It : The Game Is Already Too Easy Making It So Even More Is Bad , It Would Be Too Big , It Would Be A Too Much Storage.

I looked At The Picture For 10 mins It Is Amazing For A Simple Suggestion , What Did You Do To Make It On?

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