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On 25/01/2017 at 2:26 PM, Shadow Echo said:

Thanks anyway. I had searched "saves" looking for help, same as I have just started playing (and enjoying) the game, which means I am new to this forum as well. I didn't realize when I made my post this was a "PC" thread, I only replied because I saw others had replied regarding X1 saves. I'm not sure if its a good or bad idea to separate threads into PC vs Xbox, as there are certainly plenty of pros and cons to both approaches (games of all sorts that exist on console and PC, even mobile as well, will have things that are the same or very similar, plus things that are very different, by the nature of their platform, operating system, version, possibility of mods, and many many more.


Currently I don't see a "dedicated help thread" for X1 users, which is funny in a way. Its the console user who generally has the most limited options of all when it comes to games (compared to PC). PC users often can use their own system functions to access files and whatnot and, to a certain extent, they can rely on inherent features whichever OS they use to grant them access to certain functions. In this case, they can access saved Astroneer game files and delete them if need be, simply because of the nature of how file management works on a PC. All this can occur even when, for example, a game such as Astroneer (in pre-alpha version of course, im sure just as everyone else is this game will have some decent save/delete file management once further along) doesn't yet support save file management in-game regardless of what platform it is available for. Hopefully that made sense. Basically, console players are stuck for the moment, because we can't access saved files directly like one can on a PC. I just hope this is being looked into and soon, because I'm sure many of use would like to free ourselves of some of our "early misadventures in Astroneering" I know I would lol. :P


my game I have the most advancement in is also now incredibly laggy with terrible FPS. I know this has been brought up a million times, but I never experience lag up until tonight. I use LAN connection only, and speeds aren't great but not horrible either. Only thing I can think of is maybe it's that I have 6-8 saves and that may be slowing things down, or my latest world (haven't gotten off of it yet) has a lot of caves explored with tethers and objects and beacons, so maybe that's another possibility. I hope it will just go away, as I would hate the game to become unexplorable, or be unable to liftoff eventually and explore other places. But this isn't really a question for anyone to answer, only an observation. I'll see what happens tomorrow and hope it's just an isolated dip. I just started exploring with 2 chained trucks, and it's been a crazy ride! Good luck all fellow Astroneer-explorers! :)


Apologies for the super late reply... The only reason I made this thread PC specific was because I only own the PC version and I cannot just make up an assumption on how to do the same for Xbox :P

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I'll unpin this since we've got an in-game function to delete saves (which eliminated the main reason why people asked about the location, now the only reason left to figure it out is is related to backups).

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I am using win10 appstore to download game. I want to build a new profil and play. But I cant delete the game save data. the foler is like this: C:\Users\Ying\AppData\Local\Packages\828B5831.GAMENAME_ytsefhwckbdv6 \RoamingState\save_data

I also delete the whole game folder . but it doesnt help .

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