Crashed Spaceship Repairing

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I have 1 Idea:

Find, repair, and launch crashed space ships - Put the Astronium and Hematite to good use. When you find a crashed spaceship, unearth it completely. with a crane, and an electromagnet(crafted with 2 copper)flip the ship up, and start repairing. Take the electromagnet on the crane, and use it to pick up the parts, and place them in the right places, like an obvious puzzle. When all the pieces are in place, fill a total of 16 Item slots, with the right materials - 4 Iron, 4 Copper, 4 Aluminum, and 4 Compound. Then you can repair the ship. Along with all the repairs, you will have fixed the nuclear reactor inside of it. This reactor needs A nuclear core, which is a compound sphere tank that is put inside the nuclear reactor. The compound reactor core is printable with 2 compound, and you can refill it with Astronium. This all applies to the Large ship, shown in the picture below. Launch into space with this ship to start a space station. This station orbits the planet you have it selected to, or you can make it orbit the sun. Once this space station is in orbit, you cannot land it again. you can switch between orbits around different planets and the sun, but cannot land. You can Launch shuttles from this space station down to planets with its built in vehicle bay (only shuttles and space ships). The inside of this spaceship has its own atmosphere, and you can move around it it, and store up to 24 items. you can even go to the outside, and fly around tethered to the ship. Watch out for debris. on the outside you can start a base, There are lootable abandoned spaceships in orbit around each planet. you can also renew these, but it will be much more difficult. Small, slow moving asteroids orbit the planets too, so constructing a crane with a drill to mine them is suggested, basically the only way to get resources in the space station unless the trade platform is used. The smaller, Crashed space shuttle can be repaired too, and used as a default shuttle to launch to planets powered by a small Astronium reactor core (last much longer than hydrazine). Image result for Astroneer crashed ships


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Please excuse me for any grammar mistakes. I tried. If you don't understand a specific aspect, or there is not enough detail, please expand from this idea or contrast any issues with the idea. Thanks for reading!

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I like idea of repairing and use those debris, but...

1.It was designed to be broken parts, not to be repaired.

2.There is no repair in this game at all.

3.Even recycle is not present.

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Thrusters can be used, but not simply.

Attach the thruster to the end connection of your truck (not your rover).

Aim your truck to a large flat area.

Stand outside your truck, but in a position where you can immediately get into your truck

Place a hydrazine canister on your thruster, and get into your truck.

The thruster has room for four hydrazine tanks, but you need to work in pairs to do two or more, I'd think.

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