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Taking ideas back from older versions of the game like sandstorms and random research. I've talked with multiple people and they agree as well, while putting in older features would be nice it isn't a necessity. Maybe making it to where death is permanent would be a hardcore thing and just making the game overall more difficult, not taking away regular survival of course. I miss the difficulty factors and the game is way to easy now. Good for newbies, bad for more experienced players. Not having the compass or making it to where the compass is a difficult item to print while taking up inventory space. Weather is already mentioned but more extreme weather and deadly and more aggressive fauna. Most fauna is just a plant that is easily avoided and when hit not punishing enough. Just a more difficult version for people who have already played the game a lot. Of course there should be more to it then I just said but the game just isn't the same anymore and a difficulty jump would be more enticing.

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