A New Magma Planet:Magmonius


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Place in Solar System: Between Atrox And Calidor

Resources:Primary Resource:Cobalt

Secondary Resource: None

Uses for Cobalt:Can be used to make an XL Generator (Energy Input:Uranium[How to Craft:Radon(Magmonius’s only gas) + Astronium + (?)]Output:20 U/S)

Uses for Radon:Can be combined with Astronium And (?) to make Uranium.

Difficulties:Magma Cracks:Red Cracks can be found on The Mantle layer which can kill you.

New or Mutated Flora:New Offensive Flora and Mutated Flora (example:Duo Attacktus:Can shoot 2 bullets (1 is Explosive, other is not) in different or same angles.

Explosive Atmosphere which explodes explosive items like methane, hydrogen, sulphur,hydrazine And Dynamite

Power Levels:Solar:Very High


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