hydrazine jetpack + hoverboard bug

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1.(hydrazine jetpack bug) this happened to me 2 times: when i got caught in an explosion and died, when i came back to take my stuff, the jetpack was completely removed from my inventory, i looked around but i couldn't find it. (Maybe it glitched through the map but i dont know)

2.(hoverboard minor bug) while on the hoverboard and close to tethers the sound of conecting tethers to player keeps on playing (i have a portable oxygenator equiped and powered on)

I am playing on steam

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(1) this is because the hydrazine exploded and destroyed your jetpack.Be careful next time!

(2)It is because that you comsume 2 power(1 portable oxygenerator 1 hoverboard) but the backpack's output limit is 1 power.This way the oxygenerator stops because of insufficient power and the tether connects and now you got the power from the base the oxygenerator starts again,disconnecting it's power supply,and stops,and so on.

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