Game cannot be restart and never free memory


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After 1 gaming session, i close the game. 

but on steam the game never pass to "ready to play" still remaind "game is Running".

1413931243_Capturedcran2021-07-01140934.png.236784b368d11baac16b034d4fd7be90.png picture after more than 1 day after close the game by "save and quit"

and i still can see it on the task manager but only memory presence


some one have a fix or have also see this issue ?


Thank you for your help

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Posted (edited)

Same for me... I played for like 5 hours yesterday and exited the game not realizing part of it was still running. I get on this morning and go to play it and the two processes listed above by the op are still running. I have to force close them. Will look to see if the game I was playing got saved and report back.


Edit: I can confirm the save is  fine.. The game just doesn't exit totally.

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