Add keyboard and mouse for xbox

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Please add keyvoard and mouse support. For some reason you can play with keyboard but not mouse,  what did you guys do half of it and forgot about mouse. I used to love controller but then i got SUPER addicted to a game called terraria and in this game you dont ever have to use your right stick to look around because its a 2d game but i was so addicted that i played it everyday for like 2 months and when i tried to play another game that required me to use my right stick like say call of duty, I couldn't do it and ever since then i switched to keyboard and mouse and I was so desperate to play my games with a keybpard and mouse that i bought a $30 keyboard and mouse adapter so i could play every game with it but the controls and sensitivity are SUPER janky. IT HAS MOUSE ACXEL on it! Anyways I really love astroneer and even wanna work for you guys someday so when I found out that you can play with your keyboard and not your mouse i was a little upset so ease implement keyboard and mouse thank you

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