General Progress issues on Xbox platforms


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I play on Xbox, and there were many points where I made progress toward certain side missions, and the progress was not saved upon exiting the game. It happens with the probes quests, sometimes when you attach a probe scanner onto a vintage probe, it will not count and the cosmetic will not be unlocked. This also prevents the wanderer from appearing at the end. you will need to put second probe scanners in the nonfunctional probes in order for the cosmetic to unlock and it to count. This also happens with the exo request platform events. I remember doing the automation event from when automation was first introduced, and similarly to the probes, when I put the required number of items in, it did not unlock the cosmetic and all event progress was deleted upon exiting the game. This happened with the most recent automation event as well, but I was much farther in, and I lost multiple days of progress. These are the issues I have come across, and I am not sure if it affects anything else in the game. I do doubt that it affects the main questline, as I have completed it without trouble. I have also seen other people complaining about this on forums, and I try to make sure I save my game every time. The cosmetic should unlock immediately as you do the quests, meaning it may not even have to do with saving. This also happened when I played on Xbox One, and continued when I played on Xbox Series X. I can also clearly see the progress bar growing with the exo request platform, but the progress is reset as you exit the game. I really enjoy this game, but problems like this make the game extremely frustrating. This has apparently been happening for a long time and I hope it gets fixed soon.

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