Changing terrain hardness

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There is a way to change ANY terrain to hardness 0:

  • Print,equip and activate an Inhibitor Mod
  • Switch Terrain Tool to add mode
  • Any terrain edited will remain its shape,but will change hardness to 0

This method can also be used to paint terrain(like in Creative Mode) when combined with a Terrain Analyzer.

--On Fandom(,exploit added by me

Can remove ground under starting shelter without drill mod this way

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Thanks @00001H, this is working as designed.  When you paint the ground with the default terrain color is only affects the top layer and the layers beneath remain unchanged.  You still have to craft/find the mod, just as you would a drill.  And while it may qualify as an exploit in some scenarios, in most cases it's more effort to paint then deform the ground than it is to drill it.

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