Not being credited for sent resources when hosting with friends during the current EXO Automated Mass Production Protocol

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When me and my friends send out the EXO request platform full of resources, There appears to be no progression for me, while both my friends have progressed.
Because we unlocked all the cosmetics for last year, I continue to progress with my friends despite no change in my 'To Goal" numbers, treating it as if their progression would meant my progression as well, and since the compound stage was giving last year's cosmetics, I didn't think twice about not getting anything,

However, once we worked really hard to send off 240 Aluminium, was when I noticed that both my friends were credited, while I wasn't; in fact it showed that I have not sent even a single compound according to the EXO request platform. Thusly, I was the only one to not get the Copper Plate palette, which was upsetting to me.

What I learned is that I have to quit and return to see some credit for myself. I assumed that because I didn't do so after moving on to sending Aluminium, and the game treats me as still at compound stage, I did not progress for aluminium at all. When I quit and returned,  I found I was finally credited for sending all the required compound, but no credit for any aluminium at all. It was very demotivating, I did everything with my friends, and I'm the host, so there is no way they can send it without me in the game, I was also present next to the EXO request platform every time it was sent.

It pains me to learn that the whole 5 hours of progress we made was NULL for me, and all I can do is envy my friends for all the work we did.

I tried to send the EXO request platform when my friends have left, and it turns out that I was credited. Turns out I wouldn't have had the issue when being in single player. So I think this bug must have been tied to the person hosting, since my both my friends have no issues.

Please help. I appreciate the attention. I rarely have time to play, and I'd hate to feel that I've wasted time, and what's worst is that my friends now have to wait for me to grind alone
(if I don't quit out of disappointment that is)
Regards, Nate

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This didn't just happen to you me and my friends were grinding but instead the host got it but the the others.



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