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Playing the PC version using keyboard and mouse, I stepped into my underground habitat to save my progress to find myself trapped inside. I can lay tethers (not great for a rescue attempt) and reloading starts my game as per the attached image file. No other commands work, so it appears I'll have to start consuming resourses like a madman in a new game.

This is the first time it's happened and neither myself or partner can recreate the issue...

Thank you for a truly awesome game though, including the hilarious glitches!


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I had this as well, there are several topics describing this bug.

Keep the savegame in case they release you, and start over in the mean time.

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I also have the same problem and am disheartened that the only current option is to start over, especially after devoting so much time to one save... But i'm glad others are having the same issue as I am.

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This is a MAJOR BUG, actually it's a GAME KILLING BUG. How is this topic not pinned in this Bugs forum?

Build: 0.2.10117.0

PC - Windows Store (not steam)

Single Player

Loaded Habitat capsule onto spaceship, landed on Arid.  Carried Habitat and set it down to start new base.  Pressed TAB to enter Habitat, the Saving Game message displays on screen.  The TAB icon disappears from screen... now trapped in the Habitat.  I can place tethers from inside the Hab, but no other controls respond.  Tears flowing xD




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SES Dev Team (as seen on the in-game splash screen):  We are committed to improving the game... Over time, this will lead us to a game that you, as a community, have built with us. ...The future is bright and we look forward to building Astroneer with you!

A lot of people are unable, or unwilling, to use the search feature on the Astroneer Forum.  


So in the spirit of building Astroneer with the Development Team, which they are obviously hyped about, I have gathered the following threads.  Each thread is reporting the Trapped / Stuck In Habitat bug... and several of these threads have more than one person reporting this same bug.


The forum Admins and/or Moderators can now easily make this topic PINNED & MERGED... giving it the attention it deserves.  Certainly much more deserving than "Items on Backpack rendering away from Backpack".  


And as an additional benefit, (hopefully, but not holding our breath), people won't have to use the Search function because this topic will be highly visible at the top of the Bugs Forum when it gets pinned.

































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Bumping this BUG as it literally makes the game UNPLAYABLE

I have experienced this bug, I'm on PC.

How I produced the bug:

1) Make a habitat using the printer

2)Place the newly created habitat on the ground undeployed

3)Enter the habitat which is on the ground to save the game, and exit the game whilst inside the habitat

4)Relaunch the game and enter the save to find yourself stuck in the habitat with no escape


You can still interact nearby items such as resources and other structures.

My friend could not move the undeployed habitat.

Screenshots attached




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Had this happen to me. went to new planet dropped capsule off from spaceship. jumped inside without locking it down as a base. quit game after save. cannot exit. 

Character killing bug please fix

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Bump have same issue

Currently on an exotic planet and digging tunnels as deep as I can go. Have a long trail of tethers going from a base camp at surface level deep down several layers of caverns. I have 2 sub bases that i built by deploying two other habitats and adding to them. Was going to deploy a third one when i got stuck. I have been dragging the habitat(undeployed) to save the game and find a suitable location. Put it down (still undeployed) and got in it. Saved the game and quit to come back later.

Upon returning to the game, i was unable to hit the "tab" key to exit the habitat. My player just sits there and doesn't move. can't click him/her to access backpack (keyboard "q" doesn't work either) and can't do anything to kill him/her so I'll re-spawn at main camp.

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I was just watching a guy streaming, he printed a Hab and loaded it onto a truck to start a new base elsewhere on Terran.  When he took it off the truck and set it on the ground, the Deployment button disappeared... which is I think what happened to me.

 Actually, when the bug happened to me it was my first time using a Hab to start a new base... I didn't even notice the Deployment button was gone when I set to Hab on the ground.  I just got inside to save and wammo... trapped inside with that whole game save ruined.

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I have got this problem, it has locked me out of using my best save! I play on xbox one. I can pick up items close to the Base but can't exit the undeployed habitat.this make me not want to put the time and effort into starting again if I can't create satellite bases for the risk of this killer bug!! 

I have also just notice that in my phot there is a problem with the deployed tethers.


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I've just had this issue occur on my savegame and can't find a workaround... 

While using a habitat to roll down a tunnel I was excavating to the planet's centre, it finally rested on a landing I'd made on my first encounter with astronium while mining. On leaving the habitat of course this saved the game.

I exited and returned only to find the terrain unrendered and my little character stuck in the habitat. So many hours in this game with a significant tether and energy network on this single savegame... !

Of course I love the game and appreciate it's in pre-alpha. :)

2017-01-20 (5).png

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Indeed, it would be great to have access to the real bug tracker so that we can know if the devs know and/or are working on this.

Anyway, as I posted here because I didn't find this thread (the search may have stopped working at the time a filled the report), I had the same issue:


After printing a second habitat, I put it on the floor next to me and did no "deploy" it, then I wanted to quit the game, and as it proposed to hit 'TAB' to enter the habitat I thought that it would work as the main habitat or vehicles. So I hit 'TAB', It did save the game and I quit. Then when I loaded it back I was stuck in there. I can grab objects outside, but I cannot move or exit the habitat in any way.


Version / Build Number: 

btw. I love this game. To bad it runs only at 5 fps on my machine.

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@Wyvyrias, I've been using a bookmark to the forums from before you posted the rules thread.  So I apologize for the bumping.

Can we please have this thread pinned, due to the fact this bug wastes so much of player's time and hard work... it's a game killing bug.

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