Unable to launch a new game, can Load existing games


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As the Title says, I cannot launch a new game.

The capsule departs the ship, flies for a bit, engages the thrusters, and then I'm presented with the Select Planet orbital mechanics screen, instead of landing or in close with a planet to pick a landing zone.

On the other hand, no problems at all loading an existing game from before the latest patch.

I'll be doing a full re-install later this week to see if the problem sticks around. (need to do a lot of maintenance on games anyway)

Oh, right, I'm playing the STEAM version of the game, on PC.

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Hey, sorry you're having trouble with your game.  I have a few things you might want to try, and if these aren't successful I'll ask you to send some info to us via email so we can not only dig a little deeper but also better log and track the issue you're experiencing.

If you don't have success with these troubleshooting items, then please email us and include your DxDiag file.


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