Bug - Storages Filled With Empty Canisters Don't Count As Full To Sensors

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Repro steps

  1. Create storage platform
  2. Attach storage sensor
  3. Set the storage sensor to Full/Empty with it set "waiting to be full"
  4. Fill the storage with EMPTY soil canisters
  5. Notice that once full, the storage sensor doesn't trigger

If you repeat these steps with FULL soil canisters the storage sensor will trigger as expected.


<3 Carto

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Hey Carto, I checked with QA and Design on this.  Here's what Design says:


This came up a little while ago; this is actually working as intended. Canisters are treated as storage items, so they don't count as 'filling' storage when they're empty. It's effectively the same as slotting/unslotting an empty medium storage. If we didn't do this, it'd be impossible for a canister to count as 'empty' when attached to storage (since the canister itself would take up a spot)

While there aren't currently any plans to change this behavior with the small canister, there are some discussions around ways we might be able to better message this behavior.  Hopefully we'll also be able to implement a way for your setup to keep working, but with a different item maybe.

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