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so here are some miscellaneous modules I had ideas for:

  1. landing pad things (I'm too dumb to come up with a real name)
    • so this essentially is for interplanetary item transport and getting rid of auto arm trains, and here is my idea for the UI:
      • receiver: set the ID (can also send items back to sender if needed)
      • sender: choose the ID to send to (should be able to be switched remotely), also the user can choose which items to send, kind of like an AutoArm filter, and how much items it should fill up with before sending them (max: 8) 
      • rocket: fly resources
  2. condenser and sublimizer:
    • condenser:
      • takes a gas and astronium, outputs an item named "solid <gas name>"
    • sublimizer:
      • takes a refined/composite/natural resource and astronium, and outputs an item named "<resource name> dioxide"
  3. synthesizer:
    • basically chem. lab but 4 slots Vs 3
  4. crane remake:
    • add the ability to drive while sitting in crane right now it's only useful if you have a friend
  5. thing that takes 2 hydrogen and outputs helium and a **** load of power (still to dumb to come up with a real name)
    • the name says it all, but before you say it's too OP, think about it, 2 hydrogen = 1 helium + lotsa energy released (which can be turned into mechanical energy), and EXO wants the BEST tech
  6. post your ideas below in the comments for system era

you could also add an item that is more expensive than nanocarbon alloy

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