Structures and Constructions Alignment

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Astroneer has made great strides since pre-alpha, however it is still not possible to create symmetrical bases or align structures with each other due to the lack of a structure alignment system. Minecraft and factorio, due to their game design, have an alignment grid system for placing structures. However, even on satisfactory, the developers have included a nice system to align the structures with each other. On astronee we are at the mercy of chance, you position the structure and if it is okay you leave it otherwise repeat the process until you feel satisfied. For lovers of order and perfection, the lack of this feature leads to frustration and helplessness. An example is the location of a long line of platforms for moving resources with autoarms. Currently I don't even create these systems because just the thought of the work I have to do makes me feel bad. Adding this functionality would make building bases and systems much faster, more enjoyable and professional, making it easier to build simple bases up to complex systems. And you players, do you like the current way of placing structures, or would you like also to have a system for aligning them?

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It would be great to have option like this. Even if i personally like more asymmetric look.

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