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Dear Devs,

I have recently encountered a bug where the Large Solar Panel will refuse to activate during daytime. This happened while i was moving stuff to my new base. Among those was the afformentioned Solar which i had previously packed and then unpacked (on a platform, mind you) afterwards. As for recreating the bug, you may try to unpack a Large Solar on an Extra Large Platform C (that´s what i was doing leading up to the bug, after all). Please fix this bug.



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Edit: I must add that this happened on PC with the Xbox Console Companion while using keyboard and mouse.

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Hey, thanks for the report.  I tried to reproduce this but was unsuccessful.  I loaded up the current version on PC with the Xbox app using mouse & keyboard.  I took a packaged Large Solar Panel (4 actually), put them all on an XL C platform, unpacked them while attached to the platform and waited for the sun to rise.  All 4 opened when the sun came up and began powering a connected battery bank. When the sun went down they folded back up, as expected.

Did I do anything different, or miss any steps?  Are you having this problem with all of your Large Solar Panels?  Does the planet or platform seem to matter?

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