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A robot pet you can create later on in the game that will follow you and can track down resources that are otherwise mostly hidden in the ground. I feel like this would be a good addition because it gives you a little friend that you can have for your travels, and a helpful tool for finding resources. I also think that they should have some kind of way to be lost or to die, so that the recipe for them is not a one-and-done. Alternatively, they could be found on a specific planet somewhere. I think another neat idea would be for them to have some sort of storage and power system so that you could have to manage their power when going far away just like you have to with oxygen for your player character.

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5 hours ago, csm said:

But what about in shuttles, like the small shuttle.

Maybe they could be planet specific; you having to make one for each planet. Or, they could so something silly like with your shuttle.

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