Do I need an Xbox Live Subscription to join my friends world? (Microsoft Store Edition on PC)

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Hello, I play Astroneer mostly on Steam but recently I've started playing with a relative who has it through Microsoft/XboxGamepass on PC. I decided to use a $1 dollar trial of Gamepass Ultimate to play with him.

Multiplayer has been working good, but my subscription ends in a week or two and I need to make a decision about what to do in the future.

If I buy the Microsoft store edition, do I need an Xbox Live subscription? (Gold, Ultimate, etc) Or can we just join each other's worlds without it?

If I do need an Xbox Live subscription, I will probably just buy Gamepass Ultimate again whenever we feel like playing. My gut feeling is that the Microsoft Store Version will just "work" without Xbox Live, but just checking to be sure. 

The Microsoft store page says an Xbox Live subscription is needed for "Xbox" (I suspect that refers to Xbox One, Series X/S) multiplayer, doesn't mention PC multiplayer as of this writing.

Thanks for reading.

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UPDATE: No, you don't need an Xbox Live Subscription to play multiplayer on Windows 10. I ended up buying the Microsoft Store Edition a couple days before my subscription ended and played with my relative after it expired and it worked just fine. At the time of this writing my first post has 106 views.

Thanks for reading.

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