Medium Resource Canister empty after bringing to another planet.

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I placed a Medium Resource Canister full of Carbon in the "oxygenator" slot of a large space shuttle and lifted off from Sylva.

After landing on Atrox and placing my canister on a platform it was empty.

If it helps, my ship had a Hydrazine Thruster with 3 full Hydrazine tanks at lift-off.

My storage in the ship had a large storage in one large slot and an atmosphere condenser in the other.

On the large storage was a packed landing pad and 3 medium storages (1 was empty, 1 had 4 packed medium batteries, and the other had a packed oxygenator and 2 packed medium generators.)

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I've never had this problem.
Have you tried replicating the problem by flying the same shuttle with the same canister with some Carbon in it? Try with just one carbon, and see what happens.
If you are worried about losing your resource while testing, save the game just before you do it so you can revert and try different ways to replicate the problem, or see if it was just a once-off.
I can only imagine the Devs will struggle to figure out the cause if you've only had this happen once, as it may have been a once-off corrupt instruction which might not happen again.

Let's hope the Devs can shed some light on this one!

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