Multiplayer lost connection bug.

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I have just discovered a pretty annoying bug. When you loose connection in a multiplayer game with your terrain tool out, you loose all the items in your terrain tool. I've worked this out by loosing my drill mod 3 thrice! It'd be handy if this was fixed soon. Thanks.

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i really hope they fix this soon, as this bug has been present since i started playing back in 2018, it actually made me quit as i had an unstable connection, and i was the main miner. i hoped after a few years it would be fixed, but here we are.

SES, you guys have made an amazing game, but i beg of you please for the love of god try to fix this bug!
Extra details from my end:
bug can happen if you log off normally and not just crashes/disconnects
important detail: i always connected directly to my friends game to play, recently we have changed to a dedicated server, and the bug does not seem to have happened since, but that might just be dumb luck

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i can confirm this bug still happens!

i lost all my mods and containers, guess i will only store ore there for the time being, since i get disconnected frequently due to internet issues

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We were discussing this bug yesterday, and hope to have a fix for it soon.  We did confirm that it only happens when a client player exits the game with their terrain tool out, so in the mean time try to put away your terrain tool before logging out to protect your items.  Thanks for the reports on this bug!!

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