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Currently extenders are the only fast way to move energy from point A to point B. However i sense that something is missing to keep electrical cables suspended in the air in an orderly fashion, it can be done with extenders but aesthetically it's ugly. As the title suggests, it would be nice to have Poles and pylons to transport energy from short to long distance, so many players will be able to test new base configurations and more. And you players, what do you think of the extenders and any poles and pylons?


Thanks System Era!

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Sadly Unnecessary, just make some RTGs and take those to the new base location. Like of all the things this game could use, the last thing we need is power lines right now. If they ever added something like geothermal power generators, and some heat source that isn't moveable, then we could do with power lines for that. Even then, you could just make your base to that location. One clump of graphite and you would have enough packagers to move easily.

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